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Have you ever searched for an ebook review and found nothing but sales pitches in diguise? It would be useless searching in Google, as marketers would monopolise the results with their so-called ‘reviews’. Finding out if a digital product I wanted to buy was any good could be very tough.

But actually, every ebook has an excellent indicator of its qualty – its refund rate. If lots of people are returning it, it’s bound to be no good. We use the refund rate, along with other factors, to give every product on the site an accurate rating. Couple that with feedback from genuine verified product owners, and you have the antidote to those fake reviews.

About the 60 day money-back guarantee

Every product listed on this site is protected by a an iron-clad 60 day money-back guarantee. This is because all products are purchased through the payment processor Clickbank, who make such a refund policy compulsory for all their merchants. Although most merchants are very upfront about this fact, some aren’t. But even if they don’t mention it on their homepage, you can rest assured that if you see it on r.ecommended.com, it has a 60 day guarantee.

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